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Promoting Social Inclusion through Coding and ICT skills

How it works?

The learning platform is the core of the Code-N-Social Project. Its aim is to familiarize learners with coding/programming and other basic technological skills. It contains a blended Capacity Building Course which follows a modular approach. It is an interactive platform and after each chapter you will find exercises, questionnaires for your evaluation and links to supplementary information. Within Module 3 you will also be awarded with Certificates to prove you learning process.

What can you learn?

The Modules of the Capacity Building Course are as follows:
  • Module 1: Basics of Information Technology
  • Module 2: Algorithmic thinking: key ability in informatics
  • Module 3: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Module 4: Getting employed in the ICT and Digital Sector

Why do you need to register?

Since the Learning Platform is designed to be interactive, you need to register in order to save your learning process, your evaluation and in order to receive your Learning Certificates. Of course, registration is FREE. If you do not want to take advantage of these features you can also download the whole material as a .pdf file.
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