Promoting Social Inclusion through Coding and ICT skills
About the project
Make a first step in entering the IT world

“CODE-N-SOCIAL: Promoting Social Inclusion through Coding and ICT skills” is a European cooperation project aimed at providing access to quality IT learning and helping people at risk of poverty and social exclusion (AROPE) to get out of the education-poverty trap where they are kept due to prejudices and low quality IT education.

Code-n-Social Project aim is to give guided introduction to coding to those persons who need support, encouragement to fight prejudices and recognizing that your passive IT-user skills can be transferred into valuable competencies for the labour market.

We offer you step-by-step guidance in your mother tongue to build up digital confidence in an environment where even the very basic efforts are encouraged.

Let's learn together HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
The project is funded under the Erasmus+ programme for the period 2017-2019.

Our objectives
Raise awareness and build confidence

The objectives of Code-n-Social are:
• Raise awareness about the value of empowering people at risk of social exclusion in ICT and coding to find their way in the labour market inspiring other persons at risk of social exclusion targets to consider careers in the digital technology market

• Compare good practices, showcase inventions, developments, innovations, successful tangible products coming from the community of people at risk of social exclusion and join the EU Code Week in 2018

• Build an innovative curriculum and enable people AROPE to improve their confidence through a brand new learning and role modelling program

• Broaden the horizons of the target learners to experience innovation being inspired by the experience of others in a similar situation to theirs’.

• Support the education and training community to empower in a motivational and engaging way those at risk of social exclusion through ICT up skilling and confidence building
An open education resource and more

• Online learning platform as a competence and confidence-building open educational resource for introducing persons at risk of social exclusion to the world of coding

• Curriculum for familiarizing the target group with coding/programming and other basic technological skills

• Capacity building course divided into e-learning modules in line with the learning units described in the Curriculum

• Guidelines presenting ICT competence and confidence development as an empowerment tool for people at risk of social exclusion

• Video gallery with stories and role model presentations to inspire and overcome the ICT gap for the socially excluded
Project news
Code-N-Social just published the 3rd Newsletter with an explanation of all the outcomes of the Project.
CODE-N-SOCIAL 5th partner meeting and Multiplier Event in Almería
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