Code-N-Social just published the 3rd Newsletter with an explanation of all the outcomes of the Project.
Outcomes include:
  • Online learning platform as a competence and confidence-building open educational resource for introducing persons at risk of social exclusion to the world of coding

  • Curriculum which enables people at risk of social exclusion to improve their confidence through a brand new learning and role modelling programme

  • Capacity building course which introduces people at risk of social exclusion to the world of coding though 4 e-learning modules – the basics of ICT, algorithmic thinking, coding (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and getting employed in the ICT sector

  • Guidelines for empowering and bridging the accessibility gap in ICT based on innovative tools and methods and aimed at leading to a better understanding of how ICT competence and confidence development can reduce the risk of poverty and social exclusion

  • Video gallery as a series of 5 short videos of role models presenting the inspiring stories of actual persons AROPE who have become ICT / coding professionals
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