On 5 February 2018 in Almería, Spain, the association of people with disabilities Verdiblanca hosted the first work meeting of the project with the participation of representatives of five European countries (Bulgaria, France, Italy, Romania and Spain).

The aim of the meeting was to evaluate the work undertaken within the first 6 months of the project as well as to set future strategies. At the same time partners defined the technical and financial coordination, the quality assurance plan, the dissemination plan and the intellectual outputs of the project.

“These meetings serve to establish the strategic basis of the project and to set the main lines of work in order to train people in risk of social exclusion as well as to train trainers who are also part of our target group”, summarizes Verónica Navarro, director of the Verdiblanca´s Social and Corporative Management and coordinator of the project.

Furthermore, the meeting helped to find good practices and analyze already existing ICT education plans and innovative pedagogic practices. Those practices will be the basis for the development of an online course available on a free platform in different languages.

The next project meetings will take place in Bastia (France), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Miercurea Ciuc (Romania).
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